Grubs Boots

Grubs Boots are essentially reinvented Neoprene wellies, made to the highest standards, designed by footwear experts with the main features based on warmth, 100% waterproof and most importantly comfort and great grip.

Frostline Grubs Boots are a high-performance Boot, with superb neoprene insulation for warmth and 100% waterproof with excellent grip on a variety of surfaces. Frostline Grubs Boots are a unisex Boot, so perfect as a ladies or men’s wellington Boot. The classic Frostline wellies are suitable for general use down to -20°C and ideal for day long comfort.

Grubs Boots for Agriculture and every use
Fieldline Grubs, Tayline Grubs, Eskline and Fenline Grubs are all designed for outdoor activities where you are likely to come across different surfaces from muddy fields, grassy paths to slippery yards. Grubs Boots with Vibram soles are popular as the soles are created to suit the performance needs of the Boot. A great example of these are the Grubs Fieldline Boots, these are all-terrain boots with a reinforced toe, Vibram sole and are like all Grubs, completely waterproof. Comfort is one of the most successful characteristics of Grubs boots, they are designed for people who wear wellies all day.

Safety Boots, and Construction Grubs Boots.
Grubs Ceramic Safety Boots are the world’s first metal free safety Boots with S5 standard. Construction workers that must comply with correct footwear by Law will welcome these Grubs Boots. They provide the legal foot protection with the ceramic safety toe, oils resistant, slip resistant and anti-penetration sole, all required in a safety boot, however, these are 100% waterproof and warm to -20°C. So ideal for the construction site and digger drivers, who have been demanding safety Boots that are warm and dry for years.

Grubs Boots for Sporting activities
Grubs specialise in footwear for the great outdoors, and sports shooting and hunting is just one area that requires specialist footwear. So if you’re shooting in woodland or spending the day on a peg on a shoot, in cold wet conditions the Grubs Stalking, Snowline, Ptarmigan and Treeline boots are ideal. These all have a rugged Vibram sole, with the Treeline and the Snowline boots insulated to -40°C and the Stalking and Ptarmigan Short Boot insulated to -20°C. Again, these Grubs Boots are completely waterproof, right up to the top of the boot, so ideal if you need to wade in a stream. Grubs Snowline is one of the most popular boots worn for night fishing, when conditions are particularly cold. These sports Grubs Boots are also perfect for expeditions to far flung places that require extreme footwear.

Grubs Rainline & Highline - Full rubber Wellington with stretch.
Rainline boots have the appearance of a traditional Wellington Boot, however, they have a stretch panel at the back of the Boot to ensure they fit the calf. These boots have a classic feel but perform like a field boot, with a Superdri ™ lining. The Rainline has the cleverly designed Trax ™sole adding extra grip, whilst the Highline have the TRAK sole, which is very similar to a tractor tread. Grubs Rainline are ladies Wellingtons that come in a choice of colours and UK sizes 3 to 8, whilst the Highline is available in UK 4-13 sizes.

Grubs Riding Boots and Equine Boots.
Grubs Rideline and Outline Jodhpur Shoe choices - Grubs Rideline Boots have been designed by a team who really understand the demands of riding, and what is expected from a riding Boot. The Rideline Grubs Boot is a tall, hard wearing, ladies boot, which comes in sizes UK 4 to 8 and is ideal for everyday riding. The short riding Boot – Grubs Outline is ideal for horse or stable.

Grubs Short Boots and Garden Shoes
Grubs really do have a Wellington Boot for all shapes and sizes. The Grubs Midline mid Boot is a low calf boots constructed to the same exacting standard as the grubs Frostline, completely waterproof and very warm. It’s ideal for slipping on for dog walking, or situations when calves are not the right shape for full height wellies. This is a very popular gardening boot as its ideal for digging.

Grubs Woodline and All Terrain Garden Shoes and Clogs are the ideal slip on back door shoe. They are a unisex fit and have the benefit of being completely waterproof with a durable ribbed sole. These Grubs shoes are one of the most popular camping and caravanning shoe, as they are so easy to slip on and off.

How to look after your Grubs Boots?

Grubs boots are essentially very easy to maintain. The Neoprene can be washed down occasionally with soapy water then rinsed. The innersole is removable for washing. The rubber part of the Boots need to be re-nourished with a specialist spray – Revivex Rubber Boot protector every 3 weeks if used in continuous extreme muddy conditions, it just helps the rubber to stay flexible.

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