Garden Sofa Sets

As we strive to expand our homes into our garden, adding a garden sofa has proven to be a popular choice in outdoor furniture. They come in an array of sizes starting from 2 or 3-seat designs up to fully customised corner styles, creating a comfortable lounging area, often set around a coffee table, with cushioned armchairs. These sets are ideal, especially if you enjoy relaxing in comfort in the garden or entertaining with friends and family.

Today, we have an extensive choice of sofa styles to suit all budgets and garden space available, from wicker rattan styled materials, aluminium, all weather outdoor fabric or even timber, all have unique features which are worthy of consideration.

Points to consider before buying a garden sofa

When planning to purchase an outdoor sofa there are a few key points to think about: it's important to consider its position in the garden, also how many will be using it. There are lots of different configurations available, from corner sofas groups, to sofas that convert to daybeds, or traditional two and three seat designs.

The position of the set is important, as circulation space around the set is paramount, as you always will need to access it easily. The patio size is another important factor, rectangular patios suit most sofas, however, you may have a patio with the perfect right-angled corner, that would suit an L shaped corner sofa. Round patios are great for circular designed garden furniture, such as the Maze Half Moon sets, or even the deluxe Barcelona styles, as these create a collection of seating positioned in a way making them ideal for socialising.

You may wish to build a collection of different types of garden furniture to include a dining set, sunloungers, or even a cushion storage box, if this is the case, then you will need to select a garden sofa that forms part of a collection, as it's always best to have all your furniture matching.


Sofa material

The overall appearance and comfort are the two main factors when selecting the right style and design. Weather resistant handwoven rattan ranges offer a great choice to suit both traditional or contemporary garden designs and the overall wicker-style is popular, especially as it looks luxurious, is durable and suits the UK weather perfectly. When selecting rattan garden furniture, it's important to ensure the rattan is woven around an aluminium frame rather than a standard metal frame, as this will ensure there will be no rusting. The Rattan used can vary is size, style and appearance. Flat ribbon style grey or brown weave is popular as it offers an affordable and contemporary styled option. If you are seeking the look of natural cane furniture, then a sofa made from half round rod weave will be the best choice. This synthetic rattan looks so authentic, even to the touch, you don't know its not the genuine natural product. Viro woven furniture is another option, which is often a much finer full rod or flat weave style.

Aluminium garden sofas are starting to appear on the market, they are often stylish and designed for a modern garden. Some of these sets allow you to add sunloungers and dining sets in the same range to complete the look.

Wooden sofa sets are mostly sold as two seat sofas and two arm chairs and are manufactured from a teak like wood called Roble. These are perfect if sited on the coast, especially if exposed to sea air.

One of the most exciting development to come to the sofa market is the introduction of all-weather fabric sofas. They are technologically advanced, allowing for comfortable upholstered garden furniture, to be left indefinitely outdoors, whatever the weather, they can withstand extremes of sun and heat and rain and snow. They dry quickly and are simple to maintain, making them a sofa of choice for many and what's more, cushion storage isn't an issue here as they stay outdoors.

Sofa cushions are an important factor when deciding what brand of sofa to choose. Some sets from the Bramblecrest range allow you to leave the cushions outdoors for three seasons, so just bring them in in the winter. Other sets, including the Maze rattan and Alexander Rose styles have removable showerproof cushions, made from a hard-wearing fabric so ideal for the garden.

How to care for your outdoor sofa.

Garden sofas are perfect for the Uk gardens, they withstand extreme weather, and are designed to require little maintenance. An annual washdown using soapy water and a sponge for rattan, and aluminium sets, whereas wooden sets can have an application of protective oil. Care for all-weather fabric styles is so simple just wash with washing detergent and then rinse with a hose or a gently jet wash.

If under trees you can pop the cushions into a specially designed waterproof cushion storage box to protect from tree sap or even corrosive bird droppings. Sofa covers have been purposefully designed to completely cover the furniture, whilst keeping it in its lifestyle position, which is a great advantage as the furniture stays in its position on the patio and simply add a cover.