Callow Nestbox Co Eco Hedgehog Hibernation House and Nest Box

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• A long lasting, high quality hedgehog house from 100% recycled plastic
• Large nesting area and tunnel for a natural, comfortable feel for both nesting and hibernating
• Removable and replaceable wooden floor for use in a range of different garden environments
• Almost zero maintenance required, just check once a year that the entrance isn’t blocked
• Designed by hedgehog experts and conservationists to help you do your part in supporting British ecology

Hedgehogs live in hedges, fields and woodlands around the UK. They like moist but not wet areas and prefer living down on flat land, rather than upland. However, as these prime areas are lost to large scale farming and the need for more buildings and roads, hedgehogs are more and more likely to take shelter in our parks and gardens. With the all-new 2016 Eco Hedgehog Nest Box, you can welcome hedgehogs into your garden and provide them with a safe place to nest or see out the winter.

The Eco Hedgehog Nest Box is made from UV stable 100% recycled plastic, meaning it won’t break down or become damaged by the sun. The recycled plastic requires no maintenance whatsoever and as long as it isn’t subjected to being struck by forks, spades or wellies, it can be expected to last a very long time. The box really does become a part of its environment, made from 100% green and black recycled plastic rolls, from UK waste plastic sources, such as recycled bale wrap from UK farms.

The nest box also includes some wood for the comfort of the hedgehogs and to encourage them to use the box. A wooden floor makes for a cosy surface on which to build a nest. Furthermore, this floor is removable for placing directly on the ground, or replaceable if needed, after many winters of use. The specially designed tabs hold the wood in place, so there are no clips, screw or other metal parts that might be subject to rust.

The end result is a hedgehog box which can be tucked away in any garden corner all year long or half buried in an out of the way area for your hedgehogs to return to, year after year. The only work you need to do is to check every now and again that the box is still accessible and not fully buried and that the entrance is not blocked.

The box provides hedgehogs with the ideal nesting area. The inside is spacious, with plenty of room for moving around, while also being weather resistant and dry. The tunnel feature will give the hedgehog the feeling of having discovered the box in a natural environment and this helps to make it a suitable place for both nesting and hibernating. What’s more, the box has been designed to be just right for hedgehogs while denying cats, dogs, foxes and badgers from gaining access. For those who wish to do their part to help support the hedgehog population across the UK, this box is the ideal solution. It also makes an ideal gift for any garden or nature lover.

Package Dimensions:

Depth 35cm

Width 50cm

Height 51cm


Product Dimensions:

Depth 46cm

Width 51cm

Height 33cm

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Callow Nestbox Co Eco Hedgehog Hibernation House and Nest Box