Callow Nestbox Co Eco Barn Owl Nest Box - Lasts Forever (made from Eco Friendly Recycled materials)

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Wall Mounted

• Made in collaboration with the Barn Owl trust in recycled plastic
• Blends into most environments with its tasteful black and green colours
• Incredibly strong and long lasting
• Integrated hatch on the side for cleaning
• Textured front platform and roof help with grip - particularly for the young

Barn owls are suffering - they have fewer places to nest than ever before and existing nests never last any decent length of time to enable them to continually return. This new and innovative ECO Barn Owl Nest box, however, fixes that problem. Made with a design that has been based on the existing Barn owl Nest box in Collaboration with the Barn Owl trust - but the material is all recycled plastic. This gives the box incredible strength and also a long lasting life, perfect for Barn owls to return to as often as they like.

The only element of this nest box which is wooden, is the floor. It had to be retained as wood to ensure it can dry naturally and not hold water. It requires no maintenance at all and can be installed into a tree or barn wall from the box. The Barn Owl box never requires any painting and only annual cleaning which a guide to do so is included in the box.

It is important that Barn Owls which are nesting feel safe and secure - this nest box ticks those boxes and provides a warm safe environment for them to nest and roost.

The Nest box is tastefully coloured in black and green that allows it to blend in to most environments nicely. Not only will the owls be safe and able to breed, you have the lovely pleasure of being able to see them teach their young and potentially watch them fledge the nest as they try to fly which is a real treat for any child or adult.

many features are incorporated into this barn owl box -

A front porch with exercise area and safety plinth
Strong fixing points
Wide pop hole for entry
Integrated side access hatch for cleaning the nest box
Front platform and roof are both textured to help with grip - in particular for the young
The entrance hole has been designed to be the correct height to ensure the young cannot get out until they are able
Good ventilation is incorporated into the design

A real worth while investment to ensure you have a home for any Barn Owls local to you.

Package Dimensions:

Depth 60cm

Width 49cm

Height 70cm


Product Dimensions:

Depth 65cm

Width 66cm

Height 67cm

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Callow Nestbox Co Eco Barn Owl Nest Box - Lasts Forever (made from Eco Friendly Recycled materials)