Callow Nestbox Co Eco HedgeHog Feeder Station and Nest Box

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• Specially designed to attract hedgehogs to your garden
• Generously sized feeding chamber of 43cm x 28cm
• Slide out door allows easy access to replenish food supplies and clean the unit
• Made from 100% eco-friendly recycled plastic
• Uses innovative tabs for durability

During winter in the UK, hedgehogs typically go into hibernation. In order to survive the long, cold winters that we have in the UK, they need to have adequate body fat reserves. Some studies estimate that in order to make it through the winter, a hedgehog needs to weigh a minimum of 650g. With seasonal weather affecting their food and water supply, it can sometimes be tough for juvenile hedgehogs to get up to this weight before the colder months set in, and so many wildlife lovers are stepping in to lend a helping hand by providing hedgehogs with food in their own back gardens.

Unfortunately, these well meaning hedgehog advocates may not be aware that not all of the food they are providing actually goes where it is intended. Foxes and cats are just a few of the neighbourhood animals that could be getting first dibs on the offerings that you are putting out for hedgehogs. In order to prevent this, this unique hedgehog feeding station has been created, specifically designed for hedgehogs alone. The narrow tunnel and two internal turning points have been designed to discourage anything other than a hedgehog from gaining entry to the unit, meaning that the food goes to the hedgehogs who really need it.

The unit boasts a generous feeding chamber that can easily accommodate a couple of bowls and multiple hedgehogs at any given time. It has a large door which can easily slide open to allow for food to be changed and replenished. This also makes it easy for the unit to be cleaned out.

Our hedgehog feeder is crafted from 100% recycled plastic, making it an eco-friendly choice for your garden. The plastic is UV stable, which means that it won’t degrade in sunlight. It is joined together with an innovative tabbing system rather than metallic hinges or screws, meaning that there is nothing on the unit that can rot or corrode when left outside in the garden. In fact, other than a little cleaning now and again, the hedgehog feeding station requires no maintenance at all and is designed to withstand all weathers, giving it a particularly long life expectancy. Just think of all of the hedgehogs that you could help during the lifespan of this box.

Manufactured in green and black recycled plastic, this is an attractive and discreet choice for your garden, which will undoubtedly attract hedgehogs to the area. These cute little animals have a very well-developed sense of smell and they will soon sniff out the food you place down for them in this feeding station. Once they become familiar with their new feeding station, they will visit regularly, making interesting viewing for any wildlife fan. Children and adults alike will be delighted to know that they are helping to preserve one of the UK's best loved mammals.

Package Dimensions:

Depth 35cm

Width 50cm

Height 51cm


Product Dimensions:

Depth 46cm

Width 51cm

Height 33cm

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Callow Nestbox Co Eco HedgeHog Feeder Station and Nest Box