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Pools & Ponds

Raised pools and ponds create a stunning garden water feature, especially when a fountain is added, and they come in shapes and sizes to suit any garden.

They are generally made from pressure treated timbers, although there are some Haddonstone stone options. Norlog are specialist in raised fish ponds, and their larger 600-gallon styles have a deeper sump, perfect for carp. Flat-back pools are designed to fit against a garden wall and are ideal for creating a water feature on a patio. Square, rectangular, hexagonal, or even wishing well pools are free standing, so they can be sited virtually anywhere. Raised wooden ponds made from sleepers are a popular option, and they have sturdy timbers that will match other natural landscaping designs. For smaller gardens, there are several styles of bird baths and other water features available to suit any landscaping design.

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