Norlog 260 Gallon Giant Koi Pool with Inground Sump

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Without Fountain
Liner Included

Norlog 260 Gallon Giant Koi Pool

This Norlog 260 Gallon Giant Koi Pool is made up of a 175 gallon pool with an overwintering sump, that adds a further 85 gallons below ground to a maximum depth of just over 1.2m. This makes it ideal for Koi carp as their immune system shuts down below ten degrees, which is why Koi carp seek depths of over a metre to adjust their core temperatures - in winter and summer. On some occasions, these pools have been used for emergency holding tanks or for quarantine due to the ease and speed of build. The liner is manufactured from strong EPDM rubber. In order to provide the sump an excavated hole will be required underneath the pond.

Product Details

  • Built in sump - ideal for Koi carp
  • Over 1.2 metres total depth
  • Constructed in no longer than 40 minutes
  • Interlocking pressure treated timbers
  • Supplied with waterproof EPDM Rubber Liner + Aquatic Underlay
  • Quick Assembly makes it an ideal emergency holding tank or quarantine hold
  • No Pump is supplied
  • Timber comes with a 20 year guarantee against rot.
  • Fitted liner comes included
  • Please Note: This item was previously made by Intalogs and production has now moved to the Norlog brand

Helpful notes on installation:

  • Find a clean level area to build, ensuring there are no sharpe objects, as these will pierce the liner, even sharpe stones and gravel need to be removed.
  • Do not exceed the width and depth measurements for the sump, it needs to exactly the same as the liner.
  • Line the hole and the floor under the pool with 20 to 40mm of fine sand
  • Use a mallet or rubber hammer to fix interlocking logs into position



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Norlog 260 Gallon Giant Koi Pool with Inground Sump