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Grillstream Gas BBQs

Grillstream gas BBQs are manufactured by the UK company Leisuregrow, who have a great reputation for quality and innovations in outdoor cooking.

The gourmet gas BBQ range are cabinet trolley BBQs with options for 4 or 6 gas burners, making them ideal for family and outdoor barbecue party cooking. All grills are designed to use Grillstream’s unique cooking technology that reduces fat and flareups and prevents some of the charring. These gourmet BBQs come with side burners, a steak-searing shelf, pizza stone, griddle plate, and a long list of other features, making them top of the Leisuregrow gas BBQ collection.

Grillstream gourmet island units have the appearance of a built-in gas BBQ, and the two base storage units have the look of a mini BBQ kitchen. Rotisseries are a popular feature with this range, and all gourmet BBQs come with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty. Grillstream classic range gas BBQs come in 2, 3, and 4-burner options, all with side burners included. The Grillstream Ziggy 2-burner BBQ is a lightweight portable grill, perfect for travel and camping.

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