Callow Tepro Irvine - 2 Burner Gas BBQ with Hood

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• Two removable side shelves, approx. 42 x 23cm each
• Two 2.7kW stainless steel burners with piezo ignition
• Chrome plated cooking grid approx. 50 x 31cm
• Includes gas hose, regulator and lava rocks
• Lid with viewing window and black textile front screen

The Irvine Lava Stone Gas BBQ Grill features lava rocks heated by a gas flame. Lava rocks absorbs heat from your grill and spreads it evenly throughout the whole appliance, which means your food cooks more evenly and gently guaranteeing tender and juicy barbecued meats. The porous lava rocks also absorb grease and liquids.

This healthy way to grill offers many possibilities. Easily create new and interesting dishes to delight your guests. In addition to its lava rock technology, the Irvine Grill has all the characteristics of a typical gas grill. Simply to light the gas, with the benefit of battery free piezo ignition, the grill heats up quickly and the heat level can be easily regulated. You can grill for a large number of guests with no interruptions.

The double burners can be adjusted separately for optimum temperature control. You can employ both direct and indirect grilling techniques to prepare any type of food just how you wish. Indirect grilling is where the food lies in an enclosed space and is the barbecue method of choice for gourmets. The two-tier design allows you to enclose the grill surface to prevent heat from escaping. The lid gives off focused heat, similar to a convection oven, allowing your food to cook evenly on all sides. The built-in viewing window allows you to check your food's cooking progress without opening the grill and losing heat.

A small removable grease pan collects excess juices and grease for easy disposal. Once you have finished cooking, turn the BBQ on a high flame and leave it to burn for 5 minutes with the lid open. This will allow residues to be burned away, making cleaning easier.

Mounted on a trolley with two wheels, the Irvine Grill can be manoeuvred with ease. The working height is approximately 84.5cm. A large shelf under the grill provides useful storage together with two side shelves, which can be removed for storage. A black textile front screen keeps everything looking neat and tidy.

Package Dimensions:

Depth 23cm

Width 43cm

Height 77cm


Product Dimensions:

Depth 51cm

Width 94cm

Height 102cm

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Callow Tepro Irvine - 2 Burner Gas BBQ with Hood