Eden Burford 6ft x 8ft Greenhouse with a Black Frame

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£1,554.00 - £1,874.00
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Toughened Glass
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Eden Burford 6ft x 8ft Greenhouse with a Black Frame

The Eden Burford 6ft x 8ft Greenhouse with a Black Frame is a classically British-style of green house that has been not only designed, but built by British craftsmen as well. The single sliding door allows for easy access to the greenhouse for anyone and everyone as there is no lip on the bottom of the doorframe, making it perfect for people that might struggle getting over it - also great for wheelbarrows and wheelchair access. If you're looking a superb greenhouse that looks great and functions like any greenhouse should, the Eden Burford 6ft x 8ft Greenhouse with a Black Frame is a great choice for you.

Product Details

  • Unique Zero Threshold Sliding Door System
  • Classic Greenhouse Appearance with High Eaves
  • High Capacity 80mm Wide Gutters
  • Glazing Clip System
  • Strong Ridge Bar
  • Superior Door Locking
  • Integral Base
  • 2 Roof Vents
  • Single Door
  • Choice of finish
  • Choice of glazing- Horticultural, Toughened and Polycarbonate Glass options available

Eden Burford 6ft x 8ft Greenhouse Dimensions:

  • Size: 4.97m2
  • Length: 256cm
  • Width: 194.2cm
  • Eaves: 160cm
  • Ridge: 230cm

What's the difference between each glazing options?

  • Horticultural Glazing - This traditional and most commonly used glazing features 2ft x 2ft panes that over lap each other and are secured with clips. If shattered, the glass will break in to shards.
  • Toughened Glazing - Toughened Glass is stronger and durable than Horticultural glass. On a rare occasion of it shattering, it will break in to tiny pieces.
  • Polycarbonate Glazing - Polycarbonate is a virtually unbreakable material that is an ideal option for family gardens.

Delivery Information:

  1. All Orders will be Delivered within 21 - 28 Days from receipt of order
  2. All customers will be contacted 48 hours prior to delivery to provide AM / PM delivery date
  3. Delivery charges to all other Offshore and Scottish Islands locations require individual quotes (please call customer services before ordering)

Installation Information:

  • Installation completed within 10 working days from delivery of greenhouse
  • Ensure ground location is of firm and level footing with any additional materials being pre-laid in readiness (example Paving Slabs etc.)
  • Area prepared should be free from any obstruction (example Manhole covers etc.)
  • Area should be free from overhanging obstacles (example Tree branches, Power lines etc.)
  • The area should allow the building to be installed providing access to all sides
  • Please ensure you have pre-checked your garden building 72hrs before your installation reporting any problems to our Customer Services 
  • Any additional accessories to be installed at the same time will be chargeable at a rate of £24.95 inclusive of VAT. If you wish to to have a lot of accessories installed? Please call our customer services department who will be able to give you a tailored quote.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Customers should report any problems relating to the product within 24 hours from receipt to our customer service department.

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Eden Burford 6ft x 8ft Greenhouse with a Black Frame

£1,554.00 - £1,874.00

Eden Burford 6ft x 8ft Greenhouse with a Black Frame

£1,554.00 - £1,874.00