Maze Rattan Extending Kingston Corner Dining Set

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Maze Rattan Extending Kingston Corner Dining Set

Meet our new member of the Maze Rattan Kingston casual sofa dining Family, the Extending Kingston Corner Dining Set in the mixed brown all-weather weave. Just like its relative, this set is the perfect way to combine relaxation with casual dining and has now been further improved with the addition of an extendable rattan dining table and extra seating for the whole family. The brown extendable dining table will allow you to cater to 8-10 guests transforming with ease. Adding extendable garden furniture set to our range really works for those luxury sized gardens.


1x 3 Seat Left Hand Sofa

1x 3 Seat Right Hand Sofa

2x Centre Pieces

1x Dining Table

1x Extension Table

2x Footstools


Length of Long Side - L341cm

Length of Short Side - L177cm

3 Seat Left Hand Sofa - H77cm x W197cm x D83cm

3 Seat Right Hand Sofa - H77cm x W177cm x D83cm

Dining Table - H68cm x L145cm x W85cm

Extension Table - H64cm x L105cm x W72cm

Footstool - H32cm x W40cm x D40cm

Can furniture be left outside all year round?

We can confirm that all of our furniture can be left outside all year round. However we do recommend to purchase one of our winter protective covers for your furniture. Our covers provide superior protection from the elements. We strongly advise that all cushions should not be stored underneath your protective cover, otherwise the cushions will become water stained. In addition all cushions should be stored in a dry location when not in use. 

Are my cushions machine washable?

All of our cushions can be machine washed, we recommend that you wash your covers at a low temperature, around 30ºc. In addition we strongly recommend not dry your cushions on a radiator or tumble dryer. This will cause the cushion cases to shrink.

Do our products fade in sunlight?

All of our products provide UV protection to ensure they do not fade in sunlight, resulting in years of enjoyment.

How do I care for my furniture?

We recommend cleaning your furniture without the cushions at least once a year. Brush the furniture down to remove leaves and debris. Use warm, soapy water and a soft cloth to wipe dirt away. After the dirt has been removed we recommended rinsing your furniture.

Is our furniture fully assembled?

All of our furniture is fully aluminium welded, the only component which requires assembly is our tables, parasol and storage boxes (some dining chairs are subject to be assembled).

Do you use Tempered Glass?

Yes we can confirm all of our glass has been tempered for your safety.

Does our Rattan Contract and Expand?

Yes all of our rattan will contract and expand based on the current weather conditions. In warm weather, our rattan will expand and then contract back to its original state once temperatures become cooler. This is a completely normal trait for rattan garden furniture and in result will stop the weave from snapping and becoming brittle in the winter months.

Please avoid leaving reflective objects on your table in direct sunlight (Glasses, Bottles, Ornaments) as this may lead to your rattan damaging in the sun.

Rattan Colour & Pattern Variation

Please note many of our rattan weave ranges are be made up of varying colour strands. These variations can look slightly different once in your garden dependent on the level of sunlight.

In the morning some ranges may look a little more grey and in the afternoon may pick out more beige tones. All of our photos have been taken in different settings and lighting.


Please also note due to the furniture being hand woven, no two items will be identical.


Rising Table Function

Rising tables are designed to be easily raised or lowered by two people. We have designed these tables with no moving parts to ensure the most durable design.

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Maze Rattan Extending Kingston Corner Dining Set


Maze Rattan Extending Kingston Corner Dining Set


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