Landmann Rexon MCS Cook 4.1 4 Burner Gas BBQ

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£529.99 - £549.99

Landmann Rexon MCS Cook 4.1 4 Burner Gas BBQ

The Landmann Rexon 4.1 is ideal for cooking for up to 12 people at summer gatherings or for an adventurous roast dinner in the autumn time with its cast iron modulous enamelled cooking grill.

Four infinitely adjustable stainless steel burners and recessed side burner, integrated thermometer and double walled hood ensure you have the perfect temperature for cooking both directly and indirectly. The inclusion of an enamelled warming rack keeps your food nice and hot whilst preparing other options for your guests.

The Rexon BBQ is sure to become the centrepiece of numerous BBQ feasts for you and your family and friends to enjoy. 

In addition, each model in the Rexon range is fitted with the Landmann PTS (Power Thermal Spreading) system providing maximum cooking efficiency by eliminating any cold spots on the grill.

135 X 120 X 52cm


Key Features

4 x 3.0kW adjustable stainless-steel burners with automatic ignition; allows the chef to alter the cooking speed & temperature.

1 x 3.0kW stainless-steel adjustable side burner. Side burners are ideal for making smaller side dishes or sauces whilst grilling They allow you to cook different foods at different temperatures without affecting the main grill.

3 piece Modulus Cooking System cast-iron grill. Measures 62 x 40 x 2cm. Cooking on cast-iron has many benefits; the grills are more durable, cook faster, retain heat longer & distribute it more evenly, food sticks to it less & is an all-round better grilling experience. The MCS grill has a circular centre piece with a 30.5cm diameter which can be used in combination with a full range of dedicated MCS accessories.

Enamel coated steel warming rack (63 x 16cm); ideal for keeping food warm before eating. Especially useful when letting meat rest after being cooked.

Enamel coated steel flame tamers. These help distribute heat evenly across the grill. They also act to protect food from getting burnt (If fat drips down onto the burners during the cooking process, flames can flare up burning food). They can also help prevent danage to the BBQs burners.

Double skinned hood with built in thermometer; retains heat during cooking, especially useful when cooking indirectly.

The grill includes the Landmann PTS (Power Thermal Spreading) System. This ensure that heat is evenly distributed across the grill. This gives the best possible cooking experience, avoids cold spots on the grill, uses gas as efficiently as possible & allows for a more precise temperature control.

Features an integrated Piezo ignition system. This is a mechanical ignition system that requires no external power source

LED illuminated control knobs; light up when the burners are in use

The enclosed cabinet (with double doors & aluminium handles) is ideal for storage. Mounted on 4 castors, two of which are lockable for safety purposes.


Care Instructions

Clean your barbecue regularly.

Whilst hot use a barbecue cleaning brush to clean any excess food residue from the grill. Once cool, clean the grills and flame tamers with Landmann BBQ cleaning wipes or hot soapy water.

Cover your barbecue with premium Landmann cover to ensure long life for your barbecue. Check your barbecue is dry during periods of non-use, as residual condensation can promote rust.

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Landmann Rexon MCS Cook 4.1 4 Burner Gas BBQ

£529.99 - £549.99

Landmann Rexon MCS Cook 4.1 4 Burner Gas BBQ

£529.99 - £549.99