Gardena Micro Irrigation Soil Moisture Sensor

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Gardena Micro Irrigation Soil Moisture Sensor

The GARDENA Soil Moisture Sensor helps save water as irrigation is not started, or ongoing irrigation is interrupted, when the soil is sufficiently moist. The Soil Moisture Sensor is simply stuck into the ground beside the plants, reliably measuring the temperature differences in the soil for irrigation as when needed. You can set the desired moisture level with the rotary knob. Supplied with a 5 m connecting cable, requiring two 1.5 V alkaline batteries that are not included. The alkaline batteries will provide reliable measurement results for approx. one year and a weak battery level is indicated, so you know in plenty of time when the battery needs changing.  

Product Details

  • 1 x Soil Moisture Sensor

Key features of the Gardena Soil Moisture Sensor:

  • Easy to use
  • Automatic water saving irrigation
  • Soil moisture level individually adjustable
  • Reliable on long term
  • Safe operation
  • 5m connecting cable
  • Weak battery indicator
  • Two 1.5 V alkaline batteries required - not included


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Gardena Micro Irrigation Soil Moisture Sensor