Callow Rustico Brick Oven

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• Well insulated brick oven
• Aluminium two part door with glass window and a rotisserie spit hole
• Interior lined with refractory bricks
• Thermometer with 30cm probe
• Stainless steel chimney

This attractive Rústico Brick oven is a generous size, with exterior dimensions 110cm x 110cm. Made in Portugal, using traditional methods, this oven is exceptionally well insulated - made with a layer of refractory brick, then rock wool and finished with brick.

The aluminium door is 39cm x 28cm and is in two parts, with a glass viewing window in the top section. The door also has an air inlet vent which, combined with the stainless steel chimney will enable you to adjust the air flow inside the oven and regulate smoke. The flue can be extended if required, to improve draft.

Due to the insulation of this model, it will reach its maximum temperature of between 350º and 400º faster than other similar ovens and maintain it for longer, making this oven perfect for slow cooking after you have finished cooking your pizzas.

A substantial cooking area of 90cm x 75cm will enable you to cook pizzas in around a minute. With high cooking temperatures the oven is also suitable for tandoor style dishes. A thermometer with a 30cm probe inside the oven will enable you to monitor the optimum temperature for each cooking method. This versatile outdoor oven also has the facility to cook using a rotisserie spit. There is a hole for a spit (available to buy separately) in the door with corresponding spigots inside the oven, at the rear. Ideal for slow roasting joints.

The oven will require a suitable base to support it, at least 110cm square, depending whether or not you intend to include a work surface at the side. Weighing in at 800kg, this oven will be delivered in a pallet crate on a pre-agreed date so please ensure your order includes accurate contact information.

Weight: 500kg
Depth: 110cm
Width: 110cm

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Callow Rustico Brick Oven