Callow Pit Barrel Cooker

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• A mixture of barbecuing and smoking
• Easy to use with no assembly required
• Large upright barrel allows space for 8 racks of ribs to cook at one time!
• Tender, juicy and flavourful results every time
• Includes: Barrel, charcoal pan, grill grid, 2 x hanging rods, 8 x meat hanging hooks, wooden handle hook tool

The Pit Barrel Cooker is great for cooking all kind of food. It combines both barbecuing and smoking in one unit making beautiful flavoursome cooked meats. It takes slightly longer than a traditional barbecue but less than a smoker so really you get the best of both worlds.

Very little effort is needed, use the Pit Barrel straight out the box with no assembly required.

Its fantastic meat hanging method means it can hold up to 8 racks of ribs at one time! All eight hooks are included in the package along with a wooden handle hook for lifting the hanging meat in and out of the barrel. The two hanging rods and a grill grid are also included in the package.

Open the box and start cooking with the Pit Barrel Cooker and you won’t be disappointed! It’s so easy to use. Adjust the ventilation for air flow, light the coals or briquettes and you’re ready to start cooking. Perfectly cooked meat every time! declares Pit Barrel to be the "best bargain on a smoker in the world" and gave it their top Best Value Gold Medal Award. Famed writer and TV host, Steven Raichlen, added Pit Barrel to the line-up of grills and smokers at his Barbecue University where it stands alongside cookers with five figure price tags.

Package Dimensions:

Depth 80cm

Width 65cm

Height 70cm


Product Dimensions:

Depth 57cm

Width 60cm

Height 75cm

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Callow Pit Barrel Cooker