Callow Indianapolis Heavy Smoker BBQ

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• Extra heavy duty metal up to 5mm thick with heat resistant finish
• Bracket for pot holder on offset chamber (pot and holder not included)
• Foldable shelf in front of main chamber with tool hooks
• Removable ash pot under side chamber
• Enamelled cast iron cooking grids

This distinctive Indianapolis Offset BBQ Smoker from Tepro is big enough to cook a feast for a large family and all the neighbours too! The main chamber has a huge grill 97.5 x 44cm whilst the side chamber provides a further 48 x 43cm grill surface. The main chamber has two separate steel lids, each with a handle and built in thermometer and the fire bowl will hold up to 4kg charcoal. The side chamber will hold up to 2kg charcoal or wood and benefits from a removable ash pot, an integrated 4 level height adjustable lid holder and a bracket for a pot holder (holder and pot not included). The fire bowls of both chambers are exceptionally heavy duty, made from 4.5mm thick steel with 5mm thick steel lids.

You can employ different cooking methods with this offset smoker – use it as a traditional barbecue and grill over charcoal; use indirect grilling, a method favoured by BBQ gourmets, where the food is not placed directly over the coals and is cooked in a closed chamber; and last but by no means least, by smoking. You can utilise the smaller chamber for adding wood, which as it burns draws smoke through to the cooking chamber thanks to the combination of the chimney and air vents, infusing the food with smoky flavour. Since smoking occurs at lower temperatures (between 80°C and 130°C) the food cooks evenly on all sides, remaining succulent. You can control the intensity of the smoke by adjusting the air vents.

The Indianapolis is a heavy duty, very robust and sturdy BBQ smoker with metal up to 5mm thick and a heat resistant finish up to 600°C. Trolley mounted for manoeuvrability, the trolley has two large steel wheels and a useful storage shelf. The smoker has a foldable table with handy utensil hooks in front of the main chamber and a bottle opener on the side. This well designed Western style BBQ smoker will be the envy of friends and family alike once they have tasted the perfectly smoked BBQ food you prepare for them!

Package Dimensions:

Depth 1. 56
2. 54

Width 112

Height 64


Product Dimensions:

Depth 88cm

Width 184cm

Height 153cm

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Callow Indianapolis Heavy Smoker BBQ