Callow Espira Rooster Farmhouse Copper Weathervane

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• Polished copper weathervane
• Brass NSEW cardinal points
• Suitable for most homes and outbuildings
• Includes an Eave Mounting Bracket
• Easy to assemble, with instructions

The history of weathervanes spans many centuries and countries, with the earliest recorded found on the Tower of the Winds in Athens built by the astronomer, Andronicus in 48 BC. The Ancients believed that winds had divine powers and weathervanes depicting deities could be found on the villas of wealthy landowners in Greece and pre-Christian Rome.

In the 9th Century AD, the Pope purportedly decreed that every church in Europe should show a cockerel on its dome or steeple, as a reminder of the prophecy by Jesus that the cock would not crow the morning after the Last Supper until the disciple, Peter had denounced Him three times.

The Farmhouse range of weathervanes are suitable for most homes and outbuildings. The decorative feature and spacer balls are made from polished copper and brazed together by hand. The cardinal points, NSEW are polished brass with a powder-coated black steel rotation rod.

Polished copper will quickly lose its lustre, developing an attractive patina before finally turning Verdigris after many years. This process can be slowed down by applying several costs of a good quality clear lacquer spray. The polished brass will discolour in time. A coat of Hammerite will extend the life of the steel rotation rod.

All Farmhouse weathervanes are supplied as standard with an Eave Bracket. This bracket projects 125mm (5”) with a 10cm square mounting plate.
The Rooster Weathervane is, without doubt, a magnificent example with this proud bird strutting confidently along the arrow pointer.
Approximate Dimensions (cm):
Body: 5.5 (W) x 52 (L – Beak to tail feather)
Arrow Length: 67.5
Cardinal points: 44 (L) x 8 (H)
Total assembled height on stem, excluding bracket: 103

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Callow Espira Rooster Farmhouse Copper Weathervane