2 Seater Garden Swing Seats

A 2-seater garden swing seat is designed for two adults to sit in comfort and can be manufactured from pressure treated timber, rattan weave, or even metal.

The most popular are 2-seater rattan swing seats, as they are manufactured using an all-weather weave around an aluminium frame. A powder-coated steel frame is used to suspend the rattan pod for extra stability, and the whole cocoon moves much like a hammock. Bramblecrest Oakridge and Monterey cocoon swings both come with 3-season cushions and have an option for a weather cover. An Alexander Rose Portofino swing is a great example of a 2-seat metal swing seat designed for a modern garden, and it comes complete with colour-matched seat pads. Glendale metal swing seats come with deep comfortable cushions that make garden lounging a breeze.

Pressure-treated wooden swing seats have a traditional appearance, and some 2-seater options come with a wooden canopy. The Zest 4 Leisure Miami wooden swing seat has a large slatted canopy, and the Alexander Rose pine farmers swing seat with a removable fabric shade option. Modern designed garden swing seats made from laminated pine are another option, and the Amazonas Globo and Helios styles have 2-seater options that come with a stand or can be suspended from a tree.

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