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Royalcraft Garden Sofa Sets

Royalcraft garden sofas sets make up a collection of rattan sofas that exemplify comfort and practicality outdoors.

Wentworth is the premium range within the Royalcraft collection, offering beautifully handwoven garden sofas with high-back sofa options, corner lounging, and 2-seat sofas sets that include comfortable deep-cushioned armchairs. Wentworth is manufactured in a synthetic latte-brown weave with contrasting grey cushions. The new Seychelles rattan sofa range offers the same configuration of garden sofas sets, in a slightly lighter ecru weave with beige cushions.

Family-size garden sofas are always popular, and the 3-seat Windsor classic sofa set complete with comfortable armchairs and a coffee table is a perfect example. The Royalcraft Windsor deluxe 2 or 3-seat sofas sets are quite unusual, as they include two generous armchairs, handwoven using a chunky double half round synthetic wicker that gives this set extra comfort and a luxurious appearance. Cannes sofas have been manufactured for several years and easily stand up to the test of time in both design and popularity. They offer an affordable yet stylish choice made in a black or brown weave, and it comes in 4-seat or corner-sofa options.

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