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4 Seater Garden Benches

A 4-seater garden bench is generally 180cm to 2m wide and are manufactured from a variety of hardwood timbers and pine.

The most popular 4-seat benches are made from teak, and they come from leading manufacturers such as Alexander Rose and Bramblecrest. Brackenstyle 6-ft Queensbury benches or Darwin 4-seat benches are often used as commercial style park benches for schools and public areas. They are typically FSC and manufactured from responsibly sourced timber.

Pressure-treated traditional benches suitable for 4 adults are available from the Forest Garden collection, which also includes a 4-seat sleeper backless bench. Alexander Rose offers a memorial or celebration inscription service, and you can add ground anchors to the bench for extra security. Most 4-seaters require minimal assembly, but the Bramblecrest benches are all pre-assembled and offer a great solution for quick setup.

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