Plastic Garden Pots

Plastic Garden Pots have really developed in design over the years, so mush so that the only way you know they are not the original clay style is when you pick them up.

Lightweight authentic looking plant pots are such a bonus, especially if you are the sort of gardener that likes to move pots around your garden according to the season. The Anglo Eastern collection of plastic pots are great examples, with some looking like traditional barrel planters, and some in a high gloss bright colour just like the original terracotta glazed plant pots, but with the great advantage, they are frost proof, and so perfect for outdoors. The Iberian collection of plastic plant pots can be used indoors also as they do not come with a drainage hole, however it's simple to add one if using outdoors to prevent waterlogging.

Lightweight polypropylene contemporary planters are a further option manufactured by iQbana, they come in grey or black and round or square. They offer a granite style appearance, yet are lightweight yet very strong, scratch free and insulated, so the perfect solution to garden planting.

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