Garden Fencing

If you are considering changing your garden fencing or adding a new boundary to your property, then there are a few important factors in the decision-making process.

Firstly, what is the purpose of the boundary - for security or just to mark your boundary line? If privacy is your main concern, a wooden fence panel would be best, and they come is several styles offering varying degrees of privacy. For a front garden where privacy isn't a consideration, a metal railing style design could be the best option, offering an uninterrupted view of your home. If you must prevent pets from straying, then solid panels are the ideal choice, and they come in different heights, ideal protection from all animals. Maintenance may be an issue, so choosing a design that needs little attention, such as a pressure treated wooden design, may be the best option.

You may also be interested in a lattice or trellis panel, as these provide a less obscure screen or boundary and are perfect for growing climbing plants up. These can eventually create a green wall, adding an extra feature in the garden.

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