Indoor Wood Burning Stoves

Wood burning stoves are a popular choice for heating, and they can make a cost-effective addition to your home even if you already have central heating. Wood burning stoves use wood as fuel and a multifuel stove can burn a combination of wood and coal in areas where coal burning is allowed. Wood stoves radiate heat much more efficiently than an open fire and will heat up one room very quickly.

Wood burners are available in various sizes and styles and can easily add to a sophisticated country-inspired aesthetic. Alternately, a sleek stove can make a space feel functional and modern and add to a minimalist aesthetic that's popular in more contemporary homes. Several of our stoves double as a cooking surface, perfect for cooking supper or warming the kettle, making them a popular addition to a kitchen.

It's important to consider what size space you'll be heating when choosing your stove. A small stove could burn twice as much fuel and still struggle to heat large spaces. Likewise, a large stove could turn a very small room into a furnace and only run on half efficiency. Heat output is measured in kilowatts, and the bigger the room, the higher the output you'll need. See our chart for a rough estimation of how much heat your stove needs to generate to warm your room.

Stoves with an airwash system operate at an especially high efficiency. These air injectors completely burn unspent flammable gases and particles before they escape up the flue pipe meaning more heat for your room. They also burn fuel much more cleanly, so that glass won't be coated in ash, and you'll be better able to enjoy the natural look of flaming logs.

Special caution should be used during installation to ensure you have appropriate hearth space, flue attachments, and ventilation. Wood stoves can be attached easily to an existing flue or chimney, but you should always use a qualified fitter to give expert advice and guarantee safe operation of your wood burning stove wherever you need it installed. Consider using a cabinet heater for portable heating if you don't have space for a wood burning stove.

Can I use a wood burning stove to heat my house?
It's recommended to use a wood burning stove without a back boiler to supplement your existing heating system, not to replace it. Wood burners are ideal for use primarily in single rooms, and depending on the size of your room, you would only need to add a log every 1-2 hours to keep you warm and toasty. While they can be used to heat a small cottage, this could easily double or triple the amount of fuel you use, so it's more cost effective to use a stove for one room or kitchen to complement your heating system.

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