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Terracotta Wine Racks

Wine storage is essential in every home, and terracotta stacking wine racks and bespoke wine racks by Village Potteries are ideal for collections big and small.

Racks are made up of individual hexagonal cells that can be arranged to fit into any space. Keystone cells are used to support freestanding racks, allowing you to stack these racks alongside cabinets, on kitchen counters, or wherever you have available space. The result is a terracotta honeycomb that is stylish and functional and blends perfectly wherever you need it. For serious collectors, restaurants, or anyone who has an unusual space to fill, a custom storage solution will be your best option. You can add to existing racks or start from the ground up. We'll help you plan and order the right number of individual cells and keystones to fit your space perfectly.

Not only is terracotta aesthetically pleasing, but it's practical as well. After each clay cell is fired it takes on long-lasting properties, ideal for maintaining an aging wine collection. Terracotta is naturally cooling, and the deep cylindrical cells block harmful light. This is perfect for protecting your wine in bright kitchens or other places where storage is limited. Keep an opened bottle at optimum temperature with an additional cooler from our selection of kitchen accessories. Terracotta also doesn't deteriorate in humid cellar conditions, making it equally practical for long-term storage.

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