Patio Planting

Patio planting is a popular pastime for home gardeners, and it's great for anyone with limited ground space or who wants to make their plants more portable.

Haxnicks multipurpose instant raised beds and bags are a popular choice for growing, strawberries, carrots, and a wide variety of other vegetables in any garden space. The tomato planters and herb planters are an especially popular choice for both home patios and school projects. The PatioGro system is another great choice for compact planting. This raised, 3-tier planter takes up a small amount of wall space - it's 175 cm wide, 116 cm high, and 54 cm deep - and in that small space there is room for 12 deep planting trays that can accommodate salads, herbs, and other garden vegetables.

Air-Pot planters are an excellent way to grow plants of all sizes from your patio or greenhouse. These planters have a unique design that provides a well-aerated soil environment that forces roots to self-prune instead of spiral, so they quickly develop into a complex network of productive roots that stimulate plant growth more than a traditional planter will. They're incredibly easy to use in your home garden for growing tomatoes, peppers, and other favourite vegetables, but you can also use them for starting shrubs in your greenhouse or small trees right from your patio.

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