Pressure Washers

Pressure washers are indispensable garden cleaning tools ideal for washing patios, decks, outdoor furniture, garden buildings, fencing, and other outdoor areas.

They work by pumping pressurised water through a lance that can be used to control the direction of the water, and most use a simple and safe gun-style trigger switch to turn the flow on and off. They're also known as power washers or jet washers because of the high pressures. Hose pipes are inadequate for removing even shallow layers of dust and dirt from outdoor goods, but the right amount of pressure from these powerful tools makes this a quick and easy task. They're also great for removing loose paint, caked mud, and even mildew from a variety of surfaces, leaving them looking like new.

Electric pressure washers are popular in the UK because they're the perfect size for British gardens and have enough power to clean most outdoor surfaces, including rattan and fabric garden furniture. Petrol power washers are a little more mobile and can operate at even higher pressures, so they're preferred among professional landscapers and commercial cleaners. Different accessories and attachments such as car wash kits, patio cleaners, and hand-held brushes help you target specific areas for more thorough cleaning, and you can use special shampoos and soaps for an even deeper clean.

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