Garden Multi-tools

A garden multi-tool is an all-in-one trimming tool ideal for British gardens with a variety of lush landscaping to manage such as grass, brush, and hedges.

Multi-tools work using different attachments to suit any trimming project, so they're perfect for saving on storage space and money if your garden doesn't require heavier duty tools. Most multi-tools for sale allow you to purchase only the different trimming heads you need for your garden. Attachments include standard strimmer and brush cutter options as well as hedge trimmers, pole saws, and other pruners. You can even buy mini cultivator, tiller, and leaf blower heads with the McCulloch and Ryobi Expand-It models. Extension shafts are available with most brands to help with tall hedges and other hard-to-reach places.

Just like other garden machinery, multi-tools come in petrol, electric, and battery power options, to better suit the size of your outdoor space. Electric multi-tools are the easiest to maintain and are the most popular in the UK, but the cordless mobility of battery-operated trimmers is quickly becoming a favourite for bigger gardens and allotments. Petrol multi-tools are the most powerful, and they're the go-to style for professional landscapers who need a range of tools at hand that are quickly interchangeable.

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