Garden Hedge Trimmers

A garden hedge trimmer is essential garden machinery for British gardens for keeping hedges, shrubs, and other natural landscaping under control.

These trimmers typically come with a double blade, enabling you to cut in both directions to speed up work, making them a great deal for professional and commercial projects. The longer the blade, the faster you can cut, but if you have smaller bushes and shrubs, shopping for a shorter blade can be offer a better value.

It's important to buy the right trimmer to suit the range of hedges in your garden. If you just have new growth, an electric hedge trimmer would be the best choice. Old growth, woody, and thorny hedges such as Hawthorne or Pyracantha are easier to manage with a powerful high-quality petrol hedge trimmer. Long-reach hedge trimmers are designed to help cut tall hedges such as Leylandii, without a ladder. They have a telescopic or extendable shaft allowing you to cut safely above head height, and they're some of the most popular cutters in stock in the UK. Cordless hedge trimmers are ideal for big domestic gardens where a long extension lead would be difficult to manage. New lithium-ion batteries are more affordable than older styles for sale, and they offer increased torque and longer operating times.

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