Garden Flame Guns & Weed Burners

Flame guns are the best garden machinery for removing overgrown weeds and brush quickly, and they'll thoroughly kill seeds and plants together.

They're more affordable and environmentally friendly than chemical weed killers, so they're a good choice for domestic British gardens when you need to shop for organic weed control options. Most flame guns for sale have a wand or lance to reduce the need to bend when weeding. New flame guns with a wheeled trolley attachment and wind guard are a great deal, and they'll easily clear weeds between stone, paved areas, and concrete paths. They're ideal for disused allotments, but be careful not to use them on tarmac, decking, or other combustible surfaces.

Before you buy one, check that no animals live in the undergrowth where you plan to burn. When ready to use, just heat the weeds enough that when you press a leaf between your finger and thumb it goes dark green. The heat weakens cell walls and the weeds will naturally break down after a few hours. Depending on the area, you may need 4-5 burning treatments per year. Sheen flame guns come in a hot range of styles offering a great quality and value, and they're often used by professional and commercial landscapers in the UK.

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