Garden Flame Guns

Remove all overgrown weeds and brushes quickly and efficiently with garden flame guns as they are perfect for killing seeds and plants with minimal effort.

This selection features options that are more affordable and environmentally friendly than chemical alternatives. They are popular within domestic British gardens as they offer an option to control weeds organically and are ideal for disused allotments. Most garden flame throwers feature a wand or lance to reduce the need to bend during the clearing process. These powerful tools can reach scorching temperatures of up to 1,000 Celsius meaning that they will have no trouble tackling any area of your landscaping.

Using a wheeled trolley attachment provides you with extra mobility around your outdoor space. Place a wind guard on your tool to allow you to easily clear weeds between stone, paved areas, and concrete paths. Safety is important during this procedure and it is maintained using a hood attachment as it allows a more controlled use of the device. Our selection of Sheen flame guns offers a great quality and are often used by professional and commercial landscapers in the UK.

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