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Garden machinery uses assorted batteries, parts, and accessories to function efficiently and safely, and it's important to shop for compatible equipment.

Safety gear is essential for operating heavy machinery, and you'll want safety glasses and protective gloves at a minimum. Ear protection is often overlooked, but it's just as important for loud equipment such as petrol trimming tools and wood chippers. Chainsaw chaps are required for professional landscapers in the UK, but they can be even more valuable for domestic gardeners with less experience. Even a simple jerry can for storing fuel safely is an important part of maintaining petrol tools. Safety starter kits by Handy are a great value, and they have everything you need for garden work. You'll also find a selection of saw horses for sale that make cutting logs a simple and safe task.

Batteries are required to operate cordless garden power tools. They are usually interchangeable with different garden equipment as long as your equipment is from the same brand. Cobra, EGO, and Greenworks use a variety of 24-60V batteries depending on the type of garden machinery. Even if your equipment is all the same brand, you may need a bigger or smaller battery, so be sure to check the tool specifications before buying a spare to see what's compatible.

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