Garden Log Stores

Storing wooden logs for winter fuel has become an important part of preparation for winter and storing them in a purpose made log store is the ideal solution. Logs need to be dried or seasoned prior to burning and so it’s essential to source logs that are ready to burn or to source wet logs that need to be dried prior to burning.

If you burn wet logs or green logs they will tend to blacken the glass on Woodburning stoves and not give out as much heat so that is why we store firewood in log-stores.

Logs are best stored in stacks outside in a purpose made area, these firewood stores are generally made of wooden pressure treated timber with a lean-to roof, with lots of ventilation and they vary in size quite considerably.

If you are storing green logs these ideally will have been cut early January, or when the sap has stopped rising and stored for around 12 months.

When selecting the right log store, it’s best to consider the size of logs that you will be storing, for example, if you have dried seasoned logs then you may want to split them using a log splitter and store them in a smaller unit nearer the house for convenience. You can even have a store with sections for kindling or smaller firewood. These stores are always flat backed and have a single pent roof for drainage, as keeping the timber well aired and dry is the key to success. They will arrive flat packed, however assembly is minimal.

If its green firewood you are wanting to store, you often need a larger store and pile the logs up in a sequence, as they will be there for around a year. You will add the new logs and remove the seasoned logs to a different area. If stacked correctly it’s amazing just how many logs can be stored in quite a small space. The perfect example of a large store is the Superior treated redwood heavy duty triple log store, as the three sections allow for wet and dry timbers stored in one area.

You can select some quite attractive log stores that are designed to be sited near the house and so have a great purpose but are a garden feature also, the Forest Garden Pinnacle log store is a great example, with storage for around 50 full sized unsplit logs and a shelf for masses of kindling.

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