Connectable Christmas Lights

Connectable lights are strings of lights which can be connected onto one another to create your very own bespoke outdoor lighting design. Depending on how many LED lights you included, they are usually operated from a single plug socked making it an incredible easy way to illuminate the outside of your home in complete waterproof safety. For the best choice we offer the full Konstsmide Connectable lights and the Premier connectable system.

Please note that the Konstsmide 24V and the 31V systems cannot be used together.

The most popular connectable led lights are string lights as they give that much loved subtle glint whether in warm white, ice white or multi-coloured led lamps. Connectable light systems for your garden can work out a little more costly than just a standard set of Christmas lights, which is due to the power supply often being supplied separately along with the increased quality needed for all the joints. It is however when you start creating long and intricate runs of connectable lights where the savings really add up. If you are looking at creating an LED connectable light display which Christmas please contact our team for a spot of expert advice.

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