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Built in Outdoor Fridges

Built-in outdoor fridges are the perfect way to complete your garden kitchen design, and they can be used as bar fridges for drinks or as refrigerators for preparation and storage of food for a barbecue or garden party.

Beefeater outdoor electric fridges are specially designed for use in the garden, so they are IP44 rated, tested up to 43 Celsius in the shade, and are protected from water intrusion, making them the perfect choice for your outdoor kitchen. Beefeater stainless-steel fridges come with single or double doors, and with their front ventilation, they are designed to be built into kitchen units. The front glass windows make them ideal outdoor display fridges, perfect for commercial catering. The doors are heated to eliminate condensation, so you will always be able to view the contents.

Lifestyle electric drinks coolers are also available, and these standalone round fridges come fitted with wheels, so they're ideal for an outside bar or party in the garden as you can position them where needed. They are made for wine and beer bottles and are easy to use in garden rooms and swimming pool areas.

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