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Hot Wok BBQ Accessories

Hot Wok BBQ accessories are designed for the Hot Wok range of gas burner stoves, ideal for a wider variety of food flavours while camping or in the garden.

These high-powered portable burners use a single gas stove, and the high-quality carbon steel pans allow you to achieve high temperatures during cooking. The wok is perfect for creating oriental foods like stir fry and curry. The paella pan lets you easily prepare traditional Spanish paella, and it’s the perfect size for frying up a full English breakfast. The reversible grills come with a hot plate on one side for pancakes or similar, and a searing griddle on the other side for more traditional grilled fare.

Hot Wok gas stoves are great for camping due to their portable design and the variety of accessories available. The gas burners are most often used commercially for market stalls and street food preparation, and this collection of Hot Wok BBQ cooking accessories are made to a high standard with quality and durability being top priorities.

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