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Campfire Cooking

Campfire cooking is a popular way of preparing hot food and BBQ, not only whilst camping or in the wild outdoors, but even in the garden and with fire pits.

Tripod BBQs simplify the campfire set up as they include everything you require to cook on an open fire, from the tripod legs, cooking grids, and adjustable chains to firepans and optional cooking pans. Bon-Fire is the leading brand in campfire barbecues, and they have an array of accessories that let you expand your outdoor cooking recipes, including grilled dishes, paellas, and full-blown slow-cooked casseroles.

Like most campfire grills and accessories, tripod BBQs are portable, simple to wash, and easy to pack away and store. These campfire tripod BBQs are often used suspended over a large fire pit bowl, so authentic bonfire cooking can be achieved even on the patio. You can even use the brazier attachment to allow you to use solid fuel anywhere you can't cook on an open fire, making Bon-Fire tripods ideal for picnics.

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