Palram Harmony Aluminium Greenhouse 6 x 8' Silver

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Palram Harmony Aluminium Greenhouse 6 x 8' Silver

Help your young plants and seedlings to grow strong and healthy in this Palram Harmony Aluminium Greenhouse 6 x 8' that offers a nourishing environment for your plants to thrive in. This greenhouse is covered with virtually unbreakable polycarbonate panels that allows natural light to shine through and block harmful UV rays that may damage the plants. The structure is made from rust resistant aluminium that is built upon a galvanised steed base ensuring long lasting durability and stability. This Palram Harmony Aluminium Greenhouse 6 x 8' is a wonderful garden feature where your plants can grow healthily no matter what the weather.

Product Details

  • Dimensions: (H) 208cm x (W) 185cm x (D) 247cm
  • Over 90% light transmission
  • 100% UV protected panels – doesn’t become yellow
  • Blocks 100% harmful UV rays to protect inner equipment
  • High headroom and eaves for improved working space
  • Maintenance free Includes dual rain gutter & gutter heads for water collection
  • Vent window included for air circulation to balance humidity and temperatures. providing great ventilation for all-season weather
  • Illustrated step-by-step assembly instructions for clear installation process
  • Compact light weight packaging to reduce transportation costs
  • Lockable door handle
  • Sliding panel assembly system
  • Sturdy aluminium frame for long lasting durability
  • Gutter and gutter heads included
  • Virtually unbreakable crystal clear panels
  • Galvanised steel base and magnetic door catch included
  • 5 year limited warranty 

Optional Extras:

  • Silver Side Louvre
  • Trellising Kit
  • Drip Irrigation Kit
  • Greenhouse Anchoring Kit
  • Greenhouse Shade Kit
  • Heavy Duty Shelf Kit
  • Twin Shelf Kit
  • Automatic Vent Opener
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Palram Harmony Aluminium Greenhouse 6 x 8' Silver