Beefeater BBQ Covers

A Beefeater BBQ Cover is an essential addition once you've invested in a Beefeater bbq, maybe it’s a Beefeater built-in bbq, a gas trolly bbq or even a portable bbq, I’m sure you will want to protect it from the elements with a purpose made Beefeater cover, and their range of covers are made made with fit and durability in mind. When selecting a beefeater bbq cover you need to purchase the right style in accordance with the bbq, so if you’ve a 4 burner hooded trolley BBQ then you need to select the 4 burner bbq cover.

The Beefeater Bugg bbq, both gas and charcoal are ideal portable bbqs but lots of people using them, wheel them into the shed or garage and just pop a bbq over them to keep them protected from the elements and dust. Beefeater even make a specially designed cover for their built in bbq range, which needs to be a different design, as it just covers the actual grill head as the BBQ is generally built into a work surface.

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