Buschbeck Venezia Masonry BBQ Fireplace

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Buschbeck Venezia Masonry BBQ - For Wood or Charcoal

The Buschbeck Venezia Masonry BBQ Fireplace instantly enhances any outdoor area as it displays a perfect merge of traditional and contemporary styling, whilst offering that perfect holiday ambiance. The great advantage with these Mediterranean styles stone BBQs is you can start to cook on charcoal, then when completed add a few fire logs to create an outdoor fireplace, so providing effective patio heating. No maintenance is needed as they come pre- finished.

Product Details

  • Colour: White granite.
  • Copper insert within the mantelpiece
  • Composite finished treated surfaces.
  • Fuels: Burns charcoal briquettes, lump-wood & logs or firewood
  • Double skinned construction
  • Steel reinforced components
  • Heavy duty chrome cooking grill
  • 3 Adjustable cooking heights
  • Bevelled refractor base included
  • TUV/GS safety certified
  • Masonry cement comes included - Please allow 48 hours for the cement to set before use.
  • Please note: This product is a kerbside palletised delivery


  • Height: 206cm
  • Width: 110cm
  • Depth: 65cm
  • Weight: 460kg
  • Cooking dimensions: 54cm x 34cm

The unique material that Buschbeck Masonry Barbecues are manufactured from, means that there is no need to paint or render them. The double walled construction of the fireplace allows you to choose either charcoal or wood as your fuel. The special construction of the Buschbeck Rondo Masonry Barbecue ensures a high level of safety as air is constantly circulating between the outer skin and the furnace area. Components are manufactured in stringent conditions from composite concrete, reinforced with steel and quartz.

Buschbeck is the only European manufacturer of masonry barbecue fireplaces to have been awarded the TUV/GS product safety standard.

Easy to follow written instructions are included with each Buschbeck Masonry Barbecue.

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Buschbeck Venezia Masonry BBQ Fireplace


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