Snow Blowers

Snow blowers and snow shovels are winter essentials if you live in an area that gets frequent snowfall, and a shovel is a good general tool anywhere in the UK.

A snow shovel is designed to clear snow and ice from pavement and driveways easily, and some models have a spiral design that makes breaking up and pushing snow out of the way even faster. They are also good to have on hand for general garden tidy, as they have a wide mouth that lets you move summer grass clippings and autumn leaves from a large pile into a waste bin for collection. A snow plough is a more heavy-duty piece of garden machinery, used mainly for clearing walking areas. Petrol-powered throwers are a good option for groundsmen and municipal landscapers who have a lot of outdoor space to tend.

  • McCulloch PM55 Two Stage Snow Plough


    McCulloch PM55 Two Stage Snow Plough

    McCulloch PM55 Two Stage Snow Plough The McCulloch PM55 two stage snow plough is a high power and reliable snow blower which will make clearing paths and large driveways a breeze, no matter how deep the snow may be. The reason this model is such a...