Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces are an impressive way to warm your garden space, offering sculptural yet practical outdoor heating solutions for your patio and outdoor lounge area.

Garden fireplaces work exactly like indoor fireplaces, with a hearth for adding logs and a long flue to channel smoke up and out of your garden. They make a natural focal point for garden furniture, turning your outdoor space into a warm garden lounge. Tall outdoor fireplaces add a finishing touch, and these rustic furnaces feature sharp lines and prominent curves. They're made with thick steel that radiates heat like a patio heater to keep you nice and toasty, and they feel right at home in contemporary British gardens. Some of these towers have optional matching log stores that make impressive features alongside a fireplace.

Most outdoor fireplaces for sale can be used for cooking and barbecue, making them versatile solutions for entertaining. A few options are too small or ornamental to be practical heating solutions for a big patio but still make beautiful focal points. Gardeco gas fireplaces make a unique fiery feature that can work in almost any garden or patio. These freestanding or wall-mounted fireplaces can be placed just about anywhere, turning empty spaces and outdoor walls into an instant visual hearth.

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