Greenhurst Garden Awnings

Greenhurst Garden Awnings are perfect as they are really easy to fit and for provide plenty of shade on your patio, or even more importantly, they provide shade to a room is in direct low sunlight and so protect your carpets and soft furnishings.

Within this range of extendable awnings are the Kingston, the Berkeley and the Henley and they come in widths of 2m, 3m, and 3.5m wide, so generally there's an awning to cover most patio door or French window size. All of these Greenhurst garden awnings extend to 2m so they provide ample shade for most situations and they extend and retracted using a winch, so really simple to use.

One important point with the Greenhurst range of awnings are the canopies are manufactured from high quality 300g/m2 polyester and there's a choice of three colourways, so ideal to hue with your patio or home furnishing colour scheme. Greenhurst extendable awnings also will protect from the sun and light showers, so are ideal if you're dining on the patio and you get an unexpected shower. Another great point, If during the winter you're not intending to use it , you can remove it really easily as store it away until the next season.

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