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Chimineas are manufactured in either clay or metal and are similar in design to the old-fashioned pot belly stove. They are efficient free-standing outdoor fireplaces suitable for burning wood or even charcoal in the case of steel and cast iron.

Clay chimineas are styled on centuries old Spanish and Mexican outdoor designs. They are often spelt in the Spanish way as 'chimenea' and both spellings are correct. They come on a stand and are side loaded, ideal for burning logs and making a fire to enjoy on cooler nights in the garden. Some clay options come in two parts giving them a dual function. First add a BBQ grill then add the chimney and it becomes a full blown chiminea. Ensure you cure the clay with a small fire of kindling sticks for about an hour before adding hotter burning logs.

Heavy gauge steel or cast iron Chimineas are another option, and these come in two styles. The bulbous shape is more traditional but there are also large modern style chimineas standing up to 160cm tall. All metal designs require minimal assembly. If you are seeking a low-level heat source in the garden that allows you to add larger fire logs, then you may be interested in adding a fire pit or brazier, and these are a great alternative that can be arranged near garden furniture to create a warm ambiance.

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