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Wooden Garden Swing Seats

Adding a wooden garden swing seat to your home will create the ideal place to sit, relax, and enjoy time in your outdoor space, and the durable wooden frames give these popular garden swings more longevity than other options.

Wooden swing seats are the type of garden furniture that will last you years, and they are available in several styles, with the traditional 2 or 3-seater wooden swing being the most popular. The bench-style seat is suspended from a wooden frame, and the contemporary Globo pod-style seat can be suspended from a purpose-built frame or a sturdy tree, giving you great versatility.

Swing seats with a canvas canopy hood are also popular, as the canopy can often be angled to suit the sun's position. Alexander Rose hooded swing seats come in options for pressure-treated pine, mahogany, and their roble hardwood, which has the same properties as teak. These Alexander Rose swing seats are designed to seat three adults. Wooden swinging benches from Zest 4 Leisure, Amazonas, and all our brands are also manufactured from pressure-treated timber to ensure a long life.

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