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Garden Sofa Sets

The garden is an extension to your home, and a great way to truly make the most of this space is to include an outdoor sofa set for luxury summer lounging. We all love having friends round and almost all styles on offer include a coffee table for drinks and nibbles and some even include a cushioned foot stools so can really get comfy, or simply use as additional seating for barbecues.

However large, small or whatever shape your patio may be, we offer small corner sofas, 2 and three seat sofas and modular sectional pieces so you can create a more bespoke layout to suit your patio size perfectly. The next thing is to think of the material it is made of as there are so many options available these days. The most popular is synthetic rattan as this offers the classic woven look but with the durability to live outdoors and a great starting place for this type would be the Maze Rattan and Royalcraft ranges. If however you long for something more contemporary, the up-coming trend in outdoor sofas is all-weather fabric. This has the feel of indoor models but engineered perfectly to sit on the patio in any weather.

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