Garden Picnic Tables

Garden picnic tables provide an incredibly functional outdoor seating area where families can gather for lunch, and these robust outdoor dining tables are maintenance free and can seat a lot of people in a small area.

Picnic tables are available in styles that suit any garden, and they're practical for both domestic and commercial use. Traditional picnic tables are made in chunky pressure-treated woods such as pine or spruce, making them a great value for UK schools and parks. Alexander Rose picnic tables also include hardwood options for added luxury on the patio or at outdoor clubs and resorts. Hard resin picnic tables are made from 100% recycled plastic and offer a great modern alternative that's easier to clean and move than other options.

The most popular picnic table shapes are rectangular and circular, but square tables for sale make a great option for family dining, and they add a lot of extra table space for serving plates during a party or barbecue. Rectangular picnic tables come with straight benches, and most round picnic tables are designed with individual seats. Any of these tables can easily seat between 4 to 8 adults, and some bigger picnic benches can even squeeze in 2 more kids for practical use at schools and outdoor play areas.

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