Garden Hammocks

Garden hammocks are a simple yet classic piece of outdoor furniture, and these canvas slings include sturdy rope that can be suspended between two points, usually two trees, for cosy garden relaxation.

Most hammocks can support the weight of one or more reclining adults. A single-person canvas hammock can typically support up to 120 kg, but there are wider double hammocks and even large family-style models that can support up to 200 kg. A hammock stand can be used in areas with no trees, and spreader bars can be used to make getting in and out a little easier. A complete hammock set includes a canvas sling plus a stand.

Travel hammocks are standard equipment for camping and outdoor lounging away from home, and some include a mosquito net. Travel-size hammocks store easily into small bags and weigh less than a kilogram. Beach hammock sets for sale are also lightweight and compact, and they include a stand that's easy to set up and store. Amazonas are the leading manufacturer of handmade soft-threaded canvas hammocks, and their unique Brazilian designs feature both neutral and bold colours. Although soft and comfortable, Amazonas hammocks are incredibly durable, and they come in a full range of single, double, family, and travel styles to suit any situation.

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