Garden Furniture Care & Treatment

Garden furniture care is an important part of keeping your outdoor tables, chairs, and other garden furniture looking its best, and it's often just as simple as an application the right care product.

Any furniture kept outdoors needs a little TLC from time to time, and different materials require different care. Most hardwood garden furniture will develop a silvery grey patina over time, and this can happen much more quickly in UK gardens exposed to frequent rain and other elements. This is considered an attractive feature for aging hardwoods like teak and similar timbers produced by Alexander Rose such as cornis and roble. However, this process can be slowed down and reversed with special oils and timber treatment that only need to be applied yearly to refresh the wood's natural shine.

Other outdoor furniture care regimens don't require special treatments but still need occasional attention. All-weather rattan furniture will benefit from a dust cover and a light soapy wash once or twice a year. Metal furniture made from stainless steel may need a fresh coat of paint or light touch up paint after a few years to prevent rust on any scratched or damaged areas. Resin, plastic, and textilene furniture is typically no maintenance and even easier to clean.

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