Garden Companion Seats

A garden companion seat or duo seat is a popular piece of garden furniture because it provides a compact set of two seats positioned either side of a small table.

This outdoor furniture is the best value for small domestic gardens and balcony spaces because of its size and mobility. These affordable armchairs can come fixed to the table or separate, and some sets come complete with footstools for extra comfort. These double-chair arrangements are often called tete-a-tete seats or conversation seats in the UK, as they are perfect tea-for-two sets for relaxing and chatting with a friend.

Rattan loveseats are a popular handwoven style that has an all-weather durability, and new Bramblecrest 2-seat recliners with footstools offer the ultimate in luxury. Royalcraft sets are an ideal choice if you want to buy something more elegant, and they have deep cushions and back supports for comfort. There are a large variety of wooden companion seats in stock, and you can shop for hardwood, teak, pine, and other pressure-treated timbers. A popular style is the Alexander Rose cornice for its fine-sanded close-grain eucalyptus wood. Metal companion seats for sale can come in a lightweight weatherproof aluminium that's easy to move into the sun or a sturdy powder-coated steel that is more suited to windy gardens.

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