Metal Garden Benches

When you are planning a garden, you may want to fit a metal bench into the scheme, as these offer quite striking features. They are generally cast aluminium, cast iron, powder coated tubular steel, or even wrought iron, and they all make durable options for garden furniture.

If selecting a metal bench for exposed windy areas of the garden, it is best to choose a steel or cast-iron bench as these will always be heavier than aluminium. All styles come powder coated for protection from the elements. Aluminium designs will never rust, but other metal benches need repainting with a proprietary metal paint every few years to prevent corrosion.

More recently, there is a trend to design metal benches with ornate backs depicting countryside scenes, such as horses, trees, and sunsets, adding extra charm and added features to the garden. The attractive Poppy Forge sun bench is a great metal option and has a contemporary sunburst back, which demonstrates quality, especially as it is manufactured in the UK. If you enjoy the movement of a gentle outdoor rocking chair, then a glider bench may be the best choice, as these rock gently without the fear of tipping over.

You may be looking for bench seating to fit around a tree, so you can enjoy the tree natural shade. These purpose-made tree seats come in different styles depending on the tree size.

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