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2 Seater Garden Benches

A 2-seater garden bench is the most popular bench size sold in the UK. These benches are usually sized between 120cm and 140cm wide and are available in a wide variety of materials, with wooden benches being a favourite choice.

Bramblecrest curved back Java teak benches are handmade and arrive assembled with the option to add a taupe bench cushion. Alexander Rose 4-foot benches come in a variety of hardwoods, including roble, cornis, and mahogany, all manufactured from top-grade robust timbers that will give years of enjoyment.

Traditional pressure-treated pine benches manufactured using chunky smooth-planed timbers are popular due to their sturdy construction and affordability. The Forest Garden Harvington bench and the Zest 4 Leisure Emily bench are two popular options. Often used for the commercial market, Brackenstyle teak benches are made with over-sized timbers and follow a traditional park bench design. Backless sleeper benches just 1.2 m are another popular choice. Metal garden benches are another range that needs little maintenance, and great examples of these are the cast aluminium Devon 2-seat bench by LG Outdoor or the glider bench by Gablemere, both perfect for smaller gardens.

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