2 Seater Garden Benches

If you are looking for a traditional garden seat, then the first point of call would be a garden bench. Wooden styles are the most popular and are often made from a variety of hardwoods, which offer great longevity.

Pressure treated pine benches are also sought after, as they tend to be chunky and robust yet are more affordable. Most 2-seat styles are around 120 to 130cm wide and are designed for two adults. There are options with backless designs, which are sometimes referred to as sleeper benches. The timber used in the production generally will not require any maintenance, but they will develop an attractive silver patina with age. White or grey pre-painted wooden versions are another option, as you can select these to match your landscape scheme.

Traditionally, metal benches have been around for years; however, the new aluminium styles allow for intricate pattern detail, which is now possible due to modern casting methods. Cast stone designs, often manufactured in the UK, are another option, especially if you want to create a high-quality replica of an original heavy, natural stone garden seat.

If you are looking to create a seated area in your garden that has an attractive appeal, you may be interested in an arbour seat, as these are essentially a two-seat version with a wooden canopy and enclosed sides, offering extra protection whist relaxing in the garden.

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